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“Bountiful Heritage”

Bountiful Heritage

This painting was done for the Ohio Bicentennial. It is titled "Bountiful Heritage" It was featured on the cover of the Bicentennial issue of Wild Ohio magazine as well as the 2003 Hunting and Trapping Regulations.

It is rare that people or deer are the subjects of my paintings. In this case, the hunter is from the early 1800's. I am not a historian by any means, but I am adamant about doing research for paintings. I talked with several historians to try to get the clothing and paraphernalia accurate to the period. The deer and snowy woodlands was a bit of a challenge as well. I do deer hunt so I have a pretty good sense of what walking up on a recently harvested deer looks like. I tried to convey that moment where you've been tracking the deer for a few minutes and suddenly you notice the deer laying just ahead. It's an exciting moment for any deer hunter.