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Adam Grimm

2001-2001 Federal Duck Stamp

2000-2001 Federal Duck Stamp

Adam in his Studio

Adam working hard in his studio


In 2005, I married my best friend Janet. What a blessing she has been in my life.


Janet and I have also been blessed with a little girl Madison. She's already two...we can't believe it! This is her in Yellowstone National Park.

Family Photo

Adam Grimm has become an internationally known wildlife artist whose well-known fame began one fateful day on November 4, 1999. At the young age of 21, Adam took the wildlife art world by storm by becoming the youngest artist ever to win (a title he holds to this day) the most prestigious wildlife art competition in the world; The Federal Duck Stamp. In an instant, Adam's life changed. Although Adam was no stranger to art competitions, taking 16th and then 8th place in the Federal contest in the years before and winning the NRA youth competitions, this particular win sealed the deal for Adam giving him the platform he needed. Leaving his college life of struggling to find time between classes and projects to work on his own career, he jumped at the chance to live his dreams. Since winning the 2000-01 Millennium Federal Duck Stamp, Adam has won a number of state duck stamp contests, and has had numerous paintings featured in national merchandise packages with the National Wild Turkey Federation, the National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, and Pheasants Forever. He has also been featured in many publications across the country.

In continuing to live out his dreams, he married his best friend, Janet, in 2005. The following year they welcomed their first little girl, Madison. In pursuit of a better life, closer to nature and truer to their family values, the young family relocated to South Dakota. In the years since, they have added two new miracles to their family, Hannah (5), and Jonas (18 months). The Grimm family now enjoys a homestead all their own situated just outside of a quiet country town. With plenty of room to explore, Adam, Janet and all three of the children enjoy photographing, hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Rural life has been essential to Adam's career. Aside from drawing and painting, Adam has found a passion for wildlife photography. Each Adam Grimm painting is completely authentic from the diligent work he puts into capturing the perfect photos to the final brush stroked detail. Giving great honor and respect to God's creations, Adam strives to make his artwork as perfect as possible. If the detail can be found in nature, then the detail will be found in Adam's work. Adam's desire to put his own unique and personal touch into his work is evident. In light of his incredible resume, you'll quickly realize that he favors a more modest and humble notion of his own capabilities holding sentiment above all else.

Given that sentiment, there are a few achievements nearest and dearest to his heart; in particular, are the Ohio Duck Stamps, and the newest Federal win. These accomplishments, for Adam, are the most memorable since, as Adam recalls, "I'm already so blessed, but to have these images selected for some of the most important programs, given their special meaning to my personal life, and to have my wife and children share in the joy with me, the gratitude for God's continued blessings is indescribable".

Adam first won the Ohio Wetland Habitat stamp in 2005 with a Wood Duck, but what most people don't know is that he painted it as a dedication to his then soon-to-be bride. Adam composed the idea for the image shortly after a ceremonial dedication of the Adam Grimm Habitat Restoration Project (an event he shared with Janet) while unbeknownst to her, he was planning his proposal. Adam and Janet were married in the fall of 2005 and the Wood Duck is Janet's favorite species. Having both grown up in Ohio, with Adam hunting in the Ohio habitats from a very young age, this was a tribute to his past and a celebration of his future. To add more significance to this honor, Adam photographed his new hunting buddy, Dakota, in a hunting spot he frequented with his father over the years as the subject for the background space of the stamp's souvenir card. As Adam often says, "It just couldn't have been more perfect".

For Adam's second Ohio Duck Stamp win, he found a new connection with the pristine habitat in Ohio. As what some may call a return to the beginnings, Adam entered the competition in 2013 for the first time since winning in 2005. The family's move to South Dakota had been taking Adam and his career in new directions. For this particular artwork, Adam recalled some of the first times he had ever seen a pintail in Ohio. Described as a "rare and beautiful" sighting during his Ohio hunts, he sought to capture the amazing sun-kissed image of an exquisite drake Pintail gliding through a familiar marsh. As a commemoration, Adam also designed a landscape painting of an Ohio wetlands area for the background space accompanying the 2014-15 Habitat Stamp. In this particular painting, the observer will find immaculate and surprising detail throughout the entire landscape.

The highlight of Adam's career came in 2013 with his most recent win of the Federal Duck Stamp competition. To Adam, this event reflects the true satisfactions he enjoys as a passionate wildlife artist whose career has taken on new meaning, as well as new inspiration. To endure a complete understanding of just what this specific title means to Adam, it's imperative to know the familial undertones of his journey through an unimaginable year. On the coat-tails of Adam's Ohio Duck Stamp win in late February, came the announcement that Madison, Adam's 6 year old daughter, had won the South Dakota Junior Duck Stamp competition. The family was elated by the news that her entry won best of show, but the headlines didn't stop there. Madison's entry was then sent on to Washington D.C., along with first place entries from every state in the country, to be judged in the national competition. Just two weeks later, during a live streaming of the National Junior Duck Stamp competition, they watched as their daughter was announced winner of the 2013-14 Junior Duck Stamp! Madison Grimm had just become the youngest artist to ever win this title. Just as Adam's life had changed, back in 1999 when he became the youngest artist to ever win the adult Federal Duck Stamp competition, so too did Madison's life change. While wildlife had always been an interest, it has now become her primary passion. She's put aside her childhood toys, finding new favor for nature related books, gillie suits, and photography equipment. Sharing Adam's passion for wildlife, habitat, conservation, and art she has begun modeling herself after her role model and mentor, her dad.

In the months following his daughter's monumental achievement, Adam pushed to elevate his own artistic capabilities with his persistent desires for perfection. From braving treacherous weather conditions gathering reference, to agonizing over designs, Adam strived to achieve a new level of expertise. The correct balance of light and shadow, extremely fine feather detail, anatomical accuracy, and stunning habitat, brings Adam's extensive field experience to life for the viewer. Stamp collectors and enthusiasts have said, "This is the stamp design we've been waiting for". With a drive as strong as Adam's, one can conclude the art community may continue to expect great things from this amazing and passionate artist. More than ever, being a wildlife artist isn't just something he does; it's his life.